About TechTalk

tech_talkI’ve worked for a small UK electronics manufacturer for over 20 years in areas as diverse as engineering, technical sales, publications, and marketing. I got involved in IT in 1999, when I project-managed implementation of a new ERP system, and have been IT Manager since 2008.

The first major project I undertook as IT Manager was a second ERP deployment. While still involved in operations, system management, and even a bit of development, I’m now also responsible for IT risk management. I find that risk assessment leads to many improvement initiatives, such as switching from tape backup to disk-based and online backup.

I’m rather keen on documentation (largely because I can’t remember anything without it), taking special care to record unfamiliar processes. My articles on stuff like SSL certificates and PCI DSS compliance are prime examples. And when I learn something the hard way, or solve a mystery, it’s a pleasure to write it down and pass it on.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this tech-focused blog. From April 2015, new posts will only appear on my new site http://www.code250.co.uk.

For random jottings on non-IT topics, you might also like http://mark1408.wordpress.com.

One comment on “About TechTalk
  1. […] it, I realised I had fallen victim to a risk management failure (as well as a technical one). In my other life as an IT manager, it’s my bread and butter to ensure that data we don’t want to lose is protected […]

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